entrepreneurs who became expert marketers

entrepreneurs who became expert marketers

entrepreneurs who became expert marketers

entrepreneurs who became expert marketers

Entrepreneurs like you
who mastered marketing.

And we paid our dues along the way.

Kris built one of the nation’s top residential real estate brands. Steve acquired deep media knowledge after 15 years in every corner of an increasingly complex profession. Together, they started The Marketing Team to create the agency they always wished existed.

Why did two highly successful entrepreneurs decide the world needed another marketing agency?

Because if your journey has been anything like ours, you already know there are plenty of agencies who are eager to take your money and make no real promises about what you'll get in return. We looked for an agency that was focused on selling our business, not theirs. We wanted an agency that understood an entrepreneur's challenges and spoke our language. We couldn't find a single one. So we did what entrepreneurs do, and we started our own.

Kris Lindahl


Steve Solberg


How we work.

We Respect Your Business

If you're reading this, we already know two things: you've gotten your business off to a great start, and you're finally ready to kick it into high gear. That's why we start by getting to know what's already working well for you, and build from there.

We Develop a Custom Plan  

Every business is unique. And while a cookie-cutter approach might be simpler for marketers, quite frankly, we think entrepreneurs deserve something better. We will strategize how we can serve you best to drive exponential growth.

We Offer Tangible Results

Many agencies simply can't provide sophisticated tools to track where your marketing dollars have the most impact. We can, and unlike many marketing agencies, we're willing and able to be fully transparent about what's working and what isn't.